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Are Your Ducks in a Row? – National Estate Planning Awareness Week

More than 120 million Americans don’t have the proper estate plans that they need to protect their families or themselves if they were to become sick, have an accident or suffer an untimely death. Make sure that your ducks are in a row! Oct. 19-25 is National Estate Planning Awareness week, and Arkansas PBS Foundation has free resources you can request now to help organize your information, make sure your wishes are honored and meet your goals to care for your family and charitable interests. 

You’ll Never Feel Closer to John Lennon – Music Month With Tom Wood

This Friday, Oct. 9, Arkansas PBS is airing a “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band” special to celebrate what would have been his 80th birthday, and it’s a chance for you to hear a singing voice from John that’s very different. Read on to find out why it’s the most intimate record he ever recorded in this rare chance to get to know a very personal side of the rock ‘n roll icon.

“Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates” — How to Watch

Election Day is getting closer, and we can all agree that there's a lot at stake. Take the opportunity to hear candidates’ stances on the issues before you make your decision in “Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates” Oct. 12-14. Candidates in four races will appear in this vital series, which will stream and air on Arkansas PBS outlets.

Increase Your Arkansas PBS Donation Without Adding a Cent - EFT Conversion

If there were a way to increase your Arkansas PBS donation without adding a cent to the dollar amount you already give, would you help? Sustaining members, you can help Arkansas PBS Foundation right now with our EFT Conversion Campaign!

October is Music Month on Arkansas PBS

From John Lennon to John Prine to Metallica, celebrate music legends throughout October on Arkansas PBS! We’ll have special broadcasts, new episodes and even more on-demand options with Arkansas PBS Passport! Learn how you can take a deep dive into the music live with local radio legend Tom Wood and when to tune in after the jump.

103 Years of Leading the Way – “Portraits of Courage: The Story of Women’s Suffrage in Arkansas”

Both ArkansasIDEAS’ latest Arkansas History course and women’s suffrage in The Natural State encountered rocky beginnings but have preserved! Read on to learn more about the course’s creation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and how – as the nation marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s passage – Arkansas is celebrating 103 years of women’s voting rights. 

“Healing the Divide: A New Generation of Activists”

Issues of race and injustice remain at the forefront of many discussions, and a new group is bringing their voices to the conversation in Arkansas and across the nation. Hear the thoughts, ideas and hopes of young activists from diverse communities around the state in “Healing the Divide” Thursday, Oct. 1, at 7 p.m.

(Re)Build Better with All Arkansas Families

Economically insecure families have moved us forward through the COVID-19 pandemic. As we rebuild, it is time to ensure our economy works for everyone. Essential workers have kept us going. Now it is time to help them thrive.

Shawna’s Story: I’m Still Here - Suicide Prevention Month

This month, you’ve gotten to know Shawna Burns, LPC-S, LADAC-CS, SDP-S, through her advice for caring for your mental health and reaching out to and support others during Suicide Prevention Month. Now, hear her story about why her college basketball coach’s support is one of the reasons she’s still here today

Love public media? Arkansas PBS Advisors and Insiders Need You!

If you’re passionate and enthusiastic about shaping your community and public media, we have a space for you! We’re seeking superfans and experts to help shape Arkansas PBS projects and offer feedback in our new Arkansas PBS Advisors and Insiders program. Learn more after the jump!

Welcome, Arkansas PBS Foundation CEO Marge Betley!

After holding a nationwide search for an accomplished fundraiser, the Arkansas PBS Foundation Board has chosen Marge Betley for the role of Arkansas PBS Foundation CEO. Get to know Marge and learn about her exceptional career — spanning more than three decades in nonprofit leadership and fundraising — after the jump.

Real Lessons for Hard Times – ArkansasIDEAS

As students and educators struggle with the ongoing change and traumas COVID-19 creates, we know that – now more than ever – teachers need to solidly connect with their students. See how ArkansasIDEAS is helping with a new course for focused on helping middle school and high school teachers make real-world connections through project-based learning in their English and language classes after the jump.

“Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates”

Before you vote this fall, make sure that you know your candidates and their stances on the issues that matter to you! “Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates” will feature candidates in four races, including U.S. Congressional Districts 2, 3 and 4 and the U.S. Senate. “Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates” will livestream at and air on Arkansas PBS Oct. 12-14.

The Power of Creating for Young Puppeteers and Their Parents — Blueberry’s Art Club

How did “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” inspire the creation of Blueberry’s Art Club? Central Arkansas mom and artist April Gentry-Sutterfield shares what inspired her to create a pre-K-2 program that takes students through the process of creating their own puppets and puppet show. Inspired by watching the joy her own children experienced in creating, Gentry-Sutterfield seeks to provide children across the state with the opportunity to experience puppet-making and performance.

Physical and Emotional Survival Mode – Suicide Prevention Month

Most of us understand “physical survival mode” – the human body has core elements it needs, like food, water and oxygen, to function and stay alive. However, we aren’t all nearly as familiar with “emotional survival mode,” even though it’s just as real, just as powerful and can just as deeply affect a person’s entire life. Learn about the seven things people need for emotional health with licensed professional counselor Shawna Burns after the jump.

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