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“Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates”

Before you vote this fall, make sure that you know your candidates and their stances on the issues that matter to you! “Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates” will feature candidates in four races, including U.S. Congressional Districts 2, 3 and 4 and the U.S. Senate. “Election 2020: Arkansas PBS Debates” will livestream at and air on Arkansas PBS Oct. 12-14.

The Power of Creating for Young Puppeteers and Their Parents — Blueberry’s Art Club

How did “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” inspire the creation of Blueberry’s Art Club? Central Arkansas mom and artist April Gentry-Sutterfield shares what inspired her to create a pre-K-2 program that takes students through the process of creating their own puppets and puppet show. Inspired by watching the joy her own children experienced in creating, Gentry-Sutterfield seeks to provide children across the state with the opportunity to experience puppet-making and performance.

Physical and Emotional Survival Mode – Suicide Prevention Month

Most of us understand “physical survival mode” – the human body has core elements it needs, like food, water and oxygen, to function and stay alive. However, we aren’t all nearly as familiar with “emotional survival mode,” even though it’s just as real, just as powerful and can just as deeply affect a person’s entire life. Learn about the seven things people need for emotional health with licensed professional counselor Shawna Burns after the jump.

Overcoming Anxiety During COVID – Suicide Prevention Month

The past few months of trying to navigate through a new world with COVID-19 have been tough and have left many of us feeling confused, overwhelmed, sad and even anxious. Explore what’s normal, why rest matters so much, and what you can do to help relieve anxiety after the jump.

Suicide Prevention Month – A 17-Part Series to Support Families, Communities and Educators

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and Arkansas PBS is proud to support families, educators and communities with a unique set of resources. Learn more about our video series and resources featuring Shawna Burns, licensed professional counselor and founder of Seed Digging Wellness Center, after the jump.

“Assemble!” – Teaching Civics in an Election Year

The right teacher – either in the classroom or at home – can change everything in your present and in your future. When students connect on a “real-life” level, it encourages and makes them want to participate and engage. See how that happened with social sciences and, ultimately, civics, for Arkansas PBS Education Program Specialist Kayla Fletcher. Then, see how her inspiration can become yours with the “Assemble!” toolkits for teachers and parents.

Chuck’ Blog — “Natural State Swimming Holes”

Summertime in Arkansas means checking out all the fantastic swimming holes The Natural State has to offer, and that’s exactly what Chuck Dovish is doing in a new “Exploring Arkansas Special Edition” feature Thursday, Sept. 3, at 7 p.m.! Check out what you have to look forward to in “Natural State Swimming Holes” in his blog post now.

Back-to-School Support from AR PBS and PBS KIDS

No matter our plans for the 2020-2021 school year, every family has lots of questions about what life will look like. Whether your children are returning physically to school, learning remotely or homeschooling, we and PBS KIDS have the resources that can help us work together to bolster our little ones’ feelings of confidence and security! Keep reading to find ways to create and practice routines, cope with anxiety and emotions, and new games and ways to learn at home. 

Building Connection with The Yarn – “American Portrait PBS”

Right now, in the wake of COVID-19, many of us are isolating in our homes. We’re missing out on the day-to-day connections we took for granted before. But personal connection doesn’t have to come from physical closeness, even if that’s the form in which we often find it. It can also come from sharing our stories. See how with The Yarn and find out how to tell yours with free “American Portrait PBS” workshops Aug. 27 and Aug. 29.

Choosing a Puppet Style – The Making of “Blueberry’s Clubhouse”

The Arkansas Arts Center team took their talents from stage to screen to collaborate with Arkansas PBS and create “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” his summer. Learn how they helped create puppets like Blueberry herself  and how they decide which style of puppet to use – from sock puppets and finger puppet to shadow puppets, rod puppets and more – with guest blogger Liz McMath.

“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” — The Glockenspiel, Music and the Science of Sound

In “Blueberry’s Clubhouse: End of Summer Jamboree” friends from the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub introduced us to the glockenspiel and helped Max create a unique sound. Dive deeper into the art and science behind its sound now in the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub's guest blog.

Beans Are the Best: Taking Literacy to the Garden – “Blueberry’s Clubhouse”

Do you like stories? Ms. Mary – our friend from the Faulkner County Library – loves stories! This summer, she’s been sharing lots of fairy tales, and one of her favorites is the story of Jack & the Beanstalk because the beans are the star of the story. Although lots of people may say it’s Jack, Ms. Mary is sharing why she think the beans are just a little bit more interesting after the jump!

“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” — Exploring Arkansas as a Family

This summer in “Trails Less Traveled” and in every “Exploring Arkansas” episode, Chuck Dovish gives us great ideas for getting outside and taking a closer look at The Natural State. But what are some of his favorite places to visit as a family? Check out his top five suggestions after the jump.

Arkansas PBS Receives Mid-America Arts Alliance Grant

We’re proud to share that Arkansas PBS is among a select group of regional artists and organizations to receive a Mid-America Arts Alliance grant. This award, under literature, will support our Say My Piece Slam Poetry Camp in June 2021. Learn more about the grant and our planned events for next summer after the jump.

Chuck’s Blog— “Trails Less Traveled: Ravenden Springs”

This week on “Trails Less Traveled,” we’re visiting a Northeast Arkansas and what was once a spa town with five “healing” springs. See what they can do for you and dive into the many surrounding caves and sights available along the trail in this week’s blog ahead of our digital episode, premiering Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 2 p.m.

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