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Chuck’s Blog — “Trails Less Traveled: Wattensaw Bayou Water Trail”

If you have a paddle and a canoe or kayak, take a chance to explore a place The Natural State’s hunters and anglers have always enjoyed: Wildlife Management Areas! In this week’s “Trails Less Traveled” we’re checking out Wattensaw Bayou in the Wattensaw Wildlife Management Area northeast of Hazen. See a bit of what you have to look forward to in Tuesday’s new episode in Chuck’s blog now.

It’s Egg Season! – “Home Cooking With Kat & Friends”

Bountiful spring and summer eggs beg for ways to be used. Dogwood Hills Guest Farm has some easy ways to use eggs, as well as some of the other items you may have on hand. Here’s to the very adapta-ble egg! See recipes for some spectacular dishes – including their signature 2 Egg Omelette – after the jump. Then, see even more in “Home Cooking With Kat & Friends” Thursday, June 4, at 7 p.m.!

Celebrate Delicious Recipes in “Home Cooking With Kat & Friends”

Tune in for a new, one-hour special highlighting mouthwatering dishes you can make at home in “Home Cooking With Kat & Friends” premiering Thursday, June 4, at 7 p.m.! Kat Robinson — food historian, author and Arkansas foodie — is taking us to meet renowned chefs and home cooks from across the state to rustle up fantastic recipes that you can whip up when you aren’t dining out.

Arkansas PBS Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

The Arkansas PBS Foundation Board is proud to welcome four new members who embody the spirit of public media and bring a wealth of expertise from their fields to the foundation. Meet incoming board members Catherine Bays, M. Gayle Corley, Dr. Chris Jones and Peggy Matson in our full post.

Chuck’s Blog — “Trails Less Traveled: Highway 123 Falls”

Sometimes, you can find astounding attractions off the beaten path that are just a short hop and a skip away. You’ll see why that’s true in this week’s “Trails Less Traveled” feature, Highway 123 Falls! Get a preview in Chuck’s latest blog after the jump. 

“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” From the Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theatre – “Arkansas AMI”

The Arkansas Arts Center, the state’s premier theatre for young audiences, is bringing“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” to Arkansas PBS to show students the connections between science, engineering, and the arts! This week on “Arkansas AMI,” Blueberry the puppet and friends are designing and constructing shadow puppets with supplies found in their own homes and encouraging the students of Arkansas to join them in the challenge. Learn more about Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theatre’s Great Puppet Challenge – and “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” – after the jump.

“Arkansas AMI” – Week 8 Schedule

Can you believe it’s been seven weeks, and this is our last week of “Arkansas AMI”? Since March 17, we have dedicated the majority of our resources to keep students learning from home. We have an array of programming and learning activities to help children stay engaged and finish the school year strong. See what you can expect this week – from a new partnership with the Arkansas Arts Center to “Arkansas AMI” favorites – in this week’s blog.

Chuck’s Blog — “Trails Less Traveled: Madison County Falls”

No doubt you’ve heard of the popular novel turned film “The Bridges of Madison County.” Well, how about the waterfalls of Madison County in Arkansas?  While it might not be a household name, yet, these less traveled trails are ones you won’t want to miss! Find out why with Chuck Dovish as we get ready for a new digital-first episode Wednesday, May 20, at 2 p.m.

Schoolhouse Daily Newsletter Weekly Roundup – May 15, 2020

Our Schoolhouse Daily Newsletter was chock-full of videos, games, and advice to help students keep learning and staying active while school doors are closed.  We observed a phenomenon that only happens in Hawaii as we watched PBS Digital Studios’ “Physics Girl.” As we played the game “freeze,” we practiced the important skill of self-control. Plus, we explored new science activities like growing sprouts from beans to creating a flashlight constellation. Have a look at the list, there is plenty to see and do! 

Anyone Can Teach STEM Literacy at Home

STEM learning is a fundamental building block to children’s education – these lessons from the Museum of Science, Boston, make it easy to continue the learning at home.

We Must Count All Kids in the Census

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is how interconnected things are, like how having access to child care, going to the grocery store, or spending time with loved ones impacts many aspects of our lives. But right now, there is also something positive happening that highlights the interaction between our neighbors, our economy, and our communities: The 2020 Census! Find out why it’s especially important that we make sure Arkansas’s children are counted in Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families’ Rebecca Zimmerman’s guest post for the AR PBS Engage Blog.

Get Up, Get Moving, and Have Fun with UAMS STAR! — Arkansas AMI

Looking for fun and creative ways to stay active? Join the UAMS STAR team from home as they lead us towards healthier, more active lives! Find out how in their guest post for the AR PBS Engage Blog after the jump. 

Apple Seeds Teaching Farm – “Arkansas AMI”

A non-profit organization that started in 2007, Apple Seed, Inc., is on a mission to inspire health living through garden-based education. Learn more about their work in Fayetteville, Arkansas, throughout the region and across the state – including their work with “Arkansas AMI” – after the jump.

Chuck’s Blog — “Trails Less Traveled: Moonshiners Cave and Falls”

Some “trails less traveled” might owe a little of their solitude to a few tricks — like an unmarked trailhead — but with the right directions, we’re making just a little easier to make your way to Moonshiners Cave and Falls! Find out more and get ready for the full episode Wednesday, May 13, after the jump in this week’s blog!

“Arkansas AMI” – Week 7 Schedule

We have lots in store for you as we begin “Arkansas AMI: Week 7.” Read on to see what you have to look forward to – from programs to special guests – with our schedule, grade band descriptions and more!

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