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Muhammad Ali’s Six Core Principles – Clarice and Kwami’s September Vlog

In this month’s vlog, hear about the new chapters Clarice and Kwami are entering individually and with the Arkansas Peace and Justice Memorial Movement. Then, explore the six core principles that inspired their favorite humanitarian — Muhammad Ali, get their take on upcoming Ken Burns documentary series #MuhammadAliPBS, and learn how you can see a virtual preview screening.

The Day This Arkansan Became a New Yorker – Remembering 9/11 20 Years Later

I was an NYU sophomore from rural Arkansas. Then, 20 years ago this morning, I witnessed 9/11 and became New Yorker. This is my story.

Prime Time on Your Time! – New Afternoon Programming Schedule

Starting Monday, Sept. 6, catch up on all the mystery, outdoors, British, science, culture and news programs you love with our weekday programming blocks from 2:30-5:30 p.m. Just keep reading to see everything you have to look to!

Arkansas PBS Member Spotlight – Karon L. Martin

Arkansas PBS is here because of viewers like you! Our Arkansas PBS Foundation members – like Karon L. Martin of Maumelle, Arkansas – make public media come alive by partnering with us to educate, enrich and inspire The Natural State. Find out why Karon sees PBS as gift – one that she wants to share with generations to come – in this month’s Arkansas PBS Member Spotlight!

Minute Man – “Arkansas Dairy Bars”

One of Arkansas’s newest dairy bars is also one of The Natural State’s most-beloved, nearly lost restaurant chains: Minute Man. Keep reading to learn how Wesley T. Hall’s burger mecca – which beat McDonald’s to kids’ meals, collectible glasses and signature burgers – is getting a new life in Jacksonville, Arkansas, adding delectable shakes and supporting “veterepreneurs” with its new food truck program.

Experience Guitar Genius in Person – Win Tickets to See Tommy Emmanuel

One of only five Chet Atkins-Certified Guitar Players, two-time Grammy nominee, 2011 CMA Global Country Artist of the Year, repeated Guitar Player Magazine honoree and so much more – Tommy Emmanuel has no shortage of accolades. But you have to experience this utter guitar genius in person to truly appreciate his talent. Read on to learn how you can win tickets to see him in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Nov. 15!

My Favorite Kite-building Articles and Videos – “Blueberry’s Clubhouse”

When Arkansas PBS asked Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub to build a kite for “Blueberry’s Clubhouse,” I was immediately excited. I hadn’t built a kite since I was in elementary school! Then, I realized just how long that’s been and how many questions I had. Check out some of the videos and websites that I used to get that information in my post.

Arkansas Rural Healthcare — “Good Roots”

For most Arkansans, medical care means travelling – sometimes a considerable distance – and, while we’ve developed relationships and trust individually with our medical providers, as a state, we’re often behind the curve in preventative and functional medicine. Explore “Good Roots” host Logan Duvall’s take on health care in The Natural State – from his perspective as a former EMT and parent of a child diagnosed with stage four cancer – after the jump and more about what the care gap means during our current health crisis in a new segment inside “Arkansas Week” Friday, Aug. 13, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Garry’s Slingblade Drive In – “Arkansas Dairy Bars”

Leon’s Whopper Burger, Garry’s Drive In, The Dairy Barn: the name you call this longstanding Benton, Arkansas, classic may vary with the time you became acquainted with it. But, there’s no questioning that this hop stop has been beloved by generations for its burgers, shakes and jukebox! Take in all the nostalgia of Garry’s Slingblade Drive In – featured in the 1996 Billy Bob Thornton film “Sling Blade – with “Arkansas Dairy Bars” host Kat Robinson after the jump.

"Rise and Shine" Power Packet Team Delivers for Arkansas

Arkansas PBS leaders made a promise to the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education when they pitched its “Rise and Shine” broadcast program for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade: boost learning, both with the broadcast and with accompanying paper-based booklets delivered to 5,000 or more Arkansas learners in kindergarten through fifth grade every week for six weeks. But how do you form a mini-textbook production effort with such pressing publications? Find out and meet the team behind their creation after the jump!

“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: The Bothersome Brother”

This week on “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” we’re learning about kite-building, compromise and getting along with our siblings! Come with us to find out how we can all give a little to find a good outcome and why it’s important to find ways to get along with our brothers and sisters – even when it can take a little work – at 9:07 a.m. inside “Rise and Shine” with “The Bothersome Brother.”

Welcome to “Rise and Shine: Week 6”

We hope you have learned a lot during the first five weeks of “Rise and Shine!” Our extensive educational program is designed to make summer learning fun and to help K-5 students gain knowledge that aligns with Arkansas academic standards. We have a lot of fun planned for you in our final week. Check out what’s on the way, and find this week’s full schedule after the jump.

Susie Q Malt Shop – “Arkansas Dairy Bars”

For nearly 61 years, the iconic Susie Q Malt Shop has stood just outside downtown Rogers, Arkansas. Explore its magic – from curlicue fries, 50-mile shakes, toasted mustard buns and a legendary grill to personal touches, dancing cooks and a “Lucky number!” attitude – with “Arkansas Dairy Bars: Neat Eats and Cool Treats” host Kat Robinson and longtime owner Sheila Edmondson (AKA Ms. Pinky).

6 Ways to Help Reduce Doctor Visit Fears

Let’s be truthful: no one really looks forward to going to a doctor appointment, even if it’s just routine. But, when your child is afraid, you’re more than aware that a standard yearly check-up can result in a major meltdown. Learn six ways kids and parents can take control of their health (and feelings) to make doctor visits easier with Arkansas Children’s pediatrician Dr. Emily Smith.

“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Camp Counselor Carol’s Fearful Phobia”

This week on “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” we’re learning about good health and facing your fears! Come with us to find out why even grown-ups get scared and how doctors and healthcare friends help us at 9:07 a.m. inside “Rise and Shine” with “Camp Counselor Carol’s Fearful Phobia.” Find out more about the episode – plus fun, new activities – after the jump.

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