StationBreak October 2013

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15 by celebrating the compelling histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The following in-depth lesson plans draw on video clips from Latino Americans, the first major television documentary series to chronicle the rich and varied history of Latinos (airing Tuesdays, September 17 through October 1, on AETN):

Also, on PBS LearningMedia, you will find these and many more resources to aid in your exploration and celebration of Hispanic heritage:

  • Listen to Hispanic folk music - including songs such as "Senalocuy," "Velasquez Waltz," "Esquinita Linda," and many more.
  • This set of primary resources about Hispanic exploration in America provides a window into the time of Christopher Columbus, as well as a Teacher's Guide, which provides historical context and teaching suggestions.
  • The telegram showcased in this resource group was written by German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann and is a coded message sent to Mexico; it proposes a military alliance against the United States. The obvious threats to the United States contained in the telegram inflamed American public opinion against Germany and helped convince Congress to declare war against Germany in 1917.

These lessons are accompanied by clips adapted from The Storm that Swept Mexico, a film about the Revolution of 1910. Featured clips include: "Revolutionary Leaders," "Revolutionary Women," and "Revolutionary Art."

Echoes and Reflections

ArkansasIDEAS will be hosting "Effective Strategies to Teach about the Holocaust using Echoes and Reflections" Thursday, November 14, at AETN studios in Conway. Addressing academic standards, the "Echoes and Reflections" course is used by over 19,000 educators and promotes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching today's students about the Holocaust. Participants will receive a complimentary guide of the "Echoes and Reflections – Teacher's Resource Guide."

Register for this FREE training by logging into ArkansasIDEAS and going to "My Events." For more information, contact Lauren Faulk at

New PBS Kids Schedule

October brings lots of changes to our weekday daytime schedule, so check our PBS Kids Schedule for new show times, including the NEW animated preschool series "PEG + CAT," which premieres Monday, October 7, at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on AETN. Follow the adorable, spirited Peg and her sidekick, Cat, as they embark on adventures, solve problems and learn foundational math concepts and skills.

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