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As you prepare for the upcoming school year, check out all the new courses at Several have been added this summer.

News from ArkansasIDEAS

Updates to the LMS

Facilitated Courses

Starting with the video segments from our Science of Reading learning path, administrators and PD facilitators will soon be able to access, in one convenient location, all of the training materials needed to utilize select ArkansasIDEAS courses for local school and district professional development sessions. More information will be released soon.

New Features

Did you know our newest courses require learners to view course videos in their entirety? We continue to make improvements to the ArkansasIDEAS LMS, including implementing this requirement, as well as the addition of new filters for the Find Learning page, website updates, new course features, and improvements to our video quality and to the functionality of our assessments. We are currently working to improve our reporting capabilities.

Refining Inquiry Practices (SSC18006)

Dr. Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky, and Dr. John Lee, North Carolina State University, provide an overview of the Inquiry Design Model, which was developed by C3 Teachers in an effort to support the implementation of the Inquiry Arc, one of the pillars of the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Throughout the course, we see Arkansas students and educators as they work through inquiries. Students explain the ways in which the Inquiry Design Model is changing how they view social sciences and how it is building skills for success that even carry over into other subject areas. Panelists, comprised of experts, teachers, and students, address frequently asked questions and concerns commonly expressed by teachers considering using the Inquiry Design Model in their classrooms.

Bullying Full Circle - Beyond the Victim (HWB18055)

Bullying situations can be extremely tough for anyone to navigate; the word itself puts many people on edge quickly. Bullying Full Circle - Beyond the Victim, hosted by pediatrician Dr. Joseph Wright, is a panel discussion including a diverse group of Arkansas educators. Wright and the panel explain how bullying situations affect a much larger spectrum of individuals than just the victim and the bully. The panel also discusses differentiating actual bullying from one-time incidents and disagreements. Several educators share how their schools or districts works to prevent bullying and how educators, school staff, and students are trained to handle bullying when it does occur.

ELB18057 - The Science of Reading: An Overview
Part 2 of 18, now available

Dr. Wendy Farone connects research behind the science of reading to classroom instruction with an analysis of four theoretical models of reading: Scarborough's Rope Model, the Simple View of Reading, the Four-Part Processing Model, and Ehri's Phases of Word-Reading Development. She discusses the research that is the basis for these models and relates each one to instructional practices, assessments, and interventions for K-12 classrooms.

ELB18058 - The Science of Reading: The Reading Brain
Part 3 of 18, available in August

In this course Dr. Kenneth Pugh, president and director of research at Haskins Laboratory, discusses recent studies dealing with the neuronal connections made as typically and atypically developing children learn to read. The focus of his presentation is the various ways neuroscience and its emerging technologies can inform intervention and teaching practices.

Coming in August!

TCC18069 - Coding Block: Exploring the Basics
TCC18070 - Coding Block: Making Decisions
TCC18071 - Coding Block: Fundamental Skills

The coding block series provides teachers with the background knowledge needed to successfully teach students enrolled in the seventh and eighth grade coding block.

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AETN Programs

Education Events

Wednesday, August 1st
Little Rock Marriott's Conference Center (3 Statehouse Plaza, Little Rock)

Featured speaker: Mr. Ron Walker, Executive Director of Boston's Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color

Although attendance is free, registration is required as seating is limited. Early Registration is encouraged. Event details will be emailed to registrants a week before the event.

This is a unique opportunity to hear an outstanding, caring leader who is noted in national educational leadership. Hearing his experiences and learning from his tested knowledge will be worthwhile for Arkansas educators who are seeking resources and developing skills to set the tone, establish the policy and find the courage to meet the needs of students they touch every day.

View schedule and register

Thursday, August 23rd
Back to School and Teacher Appreciation Night with the Arkansas Travelers!
Game is at 7:10 p.m.

ALL teachers receive:
$3 off admission with Teacher ID (any school, any teacher)
10% discount in gift shop with ID

2018 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Randi House will throw the first pitch.

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