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News from ArkansasIDEAS

Human Trafficking: Arkansas Act 765 of 2017

This course features video segments from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign, which uses dramatizations to advocate for a general awareness of human trafficking and its indicators. An explanation of the reporting guidelines for mandated reporters in Arkansas is also provided.

Earth Science

Annenberg Media’s Earth and Space Science series is a collaborative project created in conjunction with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Music in Arkansas: Origins

Featuring the AETN documentary Music in Arkansas: Origins, this course tracks the development of Arkansas's rich musical heritage, beginning with the discovery of a 200 BC Hopewell panpipe and concluding as King Biscuit Time hits the airwaves in 1941 Helena.

An educator guide and standards-alignment document is provided as a resource within this course for middle and secondary teachers who wish to use Origins in the classroom. The documentary and these classroom resources have been developed with the Arkansas State Standards and the College, Career and Civic Life Framework in mind.

Kata in the Classroom

Coming soon to ArkansasIDEAS! This course introduces a simple exercise that can be used with students to help them develop effective problem solving skills and collaborative behaviors. The Kata in the Classroom exercise is a fifty-minute activity used all over the world to teach students the Improvement Kata. Once learned, this practical pattern of scientific thinking can be incorporated into activities and lessons within all disciplines.

New from PBS

We're excited to announce that an enhanced PBS LearningMedia experience is now available to all users, offering free access to state standards for the first time ever! How does it work? Simply visit, select a resource, then scroll down and expand the "Educational Standards" section. The information that pops up will reveal how your resource aligns to national and/or state standards.

Education Blog

Happy New Year!

PBS LearningMedia offers numerous resources about different cultures. We focused on China (their new year begins February 16) and shared some links to videos and interactive activities in our latest Education Blog as well as a video highlighting Chinese culture right here in Arkansas! Click here to read the blog.

Education Events

Second Arkansas STEM Summit

Taking place February 12-13 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Little Rock the Arkansas STEM Summit sessions will focus and target effective STEM practices and strategies for engaging student learners in STEM education. Click here to register.

UCA Teacher Fair

Know someone looking for a teaching job? Send them to the University of Central Arkansas on February 23. Click here to learn more.

Educational Resources for Home and the Classroom

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