StationBreak August 2013

AETN would like to send teachers and students best wishes for a wonderful school year. Our goal is to help you have one by providing support through the classroom resources and professional development highlighted here throughout the year. Help us meet that goal by passing StationBreak along to someone you know. Whether they teach kindergarten or AP English, and whether they've been doing it for one year or 21 years, there's something for everyone.


This summer AETN PBS LearningMedia spotlighted their spectacular collection of resources that support literacy skills development. As you head back to school, consider using some of the videos, lesson plans, and interactive games from programs like "Martha Speaks," "Poetry Everywhere," "The Electric Company," and "Shakespeare Uncovered." Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Make Connections - This game gives students practice in making mental connections between the text and things the reader already knows. These connections can include things readers have read (text-to-text), things they've seen or heard (text-to-world), and things they've done (text-to-self).
  • Fridge Magnet Game - This game gives students practice with monitoring and clarifying strategies. It requires them to identify confusing words (by monitoring) and to replace them with words from an alternate word pool that make sense in the sentence (clarifying).
  • Hamburger Game - This game helps student practice attentive reading by choosing the main idea - or "meat" - from a passage of text and dragging it to the center of a sandwich. A hamburger appears, and they win points if they are right.

Mission Solar System
NASA and "Design Squad" have partnered to create Mission Solar System, a collection of resources to introduce the concepts at work in astroengineering. Watch the "Design Squad" video, and teach your students how to build a device that can pass above a surface and detect magnetic fields.

Make learning fun!
Make learning fun for your students with a Fun on the Run activity book from AETN and PBS. Download their very own fun book full of games and activities. You can also print Really, Really Fun Pages with puzzles, word searches, and fun coloring pages.

"Peg + Cat" premieres this fall!
The NEW animated preschool series begins Monday, Oct. 7, on PBS KIDS. Let your students follow the adorable, spirited Peg and her sidekick, Cat, as they embark on adventures, solve problems and learn foundational math concepts and skills.

What's New

Congratulations to kindergartener Riley Sellers of Conway for having his story, "The Adventures of Joe" be e-published on PBS Kids. Riley entered his story in the AETN Kids GO! Club Writing Contest and won first place locally. His story was then sent to PBS for the national writing contest where it was selected to be posted online. Way to go Riley! Consider entering your students in the 2014 contest. Find out more in January at

Any time is learning time with Pinterest
If you haven't heard, PBS has launched an "Anytime Is Learning Time" collection on Pinterest. Explore new ideas in and out of school in America's largest classroom. Have fun as you learn and grow with your kids every day. Find creative activities to do and make with your students, or re-pin your favorite ideas. Collect and share what inspires you.

Professional Development

Check out this professional development available through ArkansasIDEAS:

ASCD: Literacy Strategies
This course will help participants understand why it's important for every teacher to become involved in teaching students how to read, write, and comprehend the subject matter being presented to them and provide teaching strategies in the content areas. Participants will consider the rationale for building literacy skills and learn several strategies relevant to different content areas.

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