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Real Lessons for Hard Times – ArkansasIDEAS

As students and educators struggle with the ongoing change and traumas COVID-19 creates, we know that – now more than ever – teachers need to solidly connect with their students. See how ArkansasIDEAS is helping with a new course for focused on helping middle school and high school teachers make real-world connections through project-based learning in their English and language classes after the jump.

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The Power of Creating for Young Puppeteers and Their Parents — Blueberry’s Art Club

How did “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” inspire the creation of Blueberry’s Art Club? Central Arkansas mom and artist April Gentry-Sutterfield shares what inspired her to create a pre-K-2 program that takes students through the process of creating their own puppets and puppet show. Inspired by watching the joy her own children experienced in creating, Gentry-Sutterfield seeks to provide children across the state with the opportunity to experience puppet-making and performance.

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Physical and Emotional Survival Mode – Suicide Prevention Month

Most of us understand “physical survival mode” – the human body has core elements it needs, like food, water and oxygen, to function and stay alive. However, we aren’t all nearly as familiar with “emotional survival mode,” even though it’s just as real, just as powerful and can just as deeply affect a person’s entire life. Learn about the seven things people need for emotional health with licensed professional counselor Shawna Burns after the jump.

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Overcoming Anxiety During COVID – Suicide Prevention Month

The past few months of trying to navigate through a new world with COVID-19 have been tough and have left many of us feeling confused, overwhelmed, sad and even anxious. Explore what’s normal, why rest matters so much, and what you can do to help relieve anxiety after the jump.

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