Arkansas Treasures

Arkansas Treasures Frequently Asked Questions

When is the taping?
Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6 of 2023. Registrants will be assigned a date and time slot.

Where is the taping?
Arkansas PBS Studios, 350 S. Donaghey Ave., Conway, Arkansas. Our studios are on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas.

What can I bring?
You and your guest may bring up to two items for evaluation. (That’s a total of two items, NOT two items each.) Your items will receive an oral evaluation from one of our expert appraisers. Evaluations are for entertainment purposes only, and no written appraisals will be provided. You and your guest may not bring any additional items unless each of you registers separately as attendees.

What restrictions are there?
Your item cannot exceed 50 pounds and must be easily carried by hand. For liability reasons, our staff and volunteers are not able to assist you with your items. Do not leave any items unattended. Our appraisers will not evaluate coins, currency, stamps, vehicles, explosives, firearms manufactured after 1900, glass fire extinguishers, or items containing hazardous materials.

What do I do when I arrive?
When you arrive, signs and volunteers will direct you to the parking and registration areas.

Will I be on TV?
Our appraisers work with the production team to select the most interesting, unique and valuable objects. If one of your items is selected for the show, you will be escorted to the holding area to await your appearance with an appraiser in front of the cameras. In the event that you are selected to share one of your items on camera, your time commitment may extend beyond the initial time slot you were assigned.

Does my companion need to be registered?
No. Registered attendees may bring a guest. Your companion does not need to be registered and you do not need to submit their name. However, companions cannot bring additional items to be evaluated. Each collector and companion may bring a total of two items.

May I bring an item to be evaluated without registering in advance?
No. To provide a fair, secure, and efficient experience, we require all attendees to register in advance.

Does it really matter what day or time I show up?
Yes. Over a thousand people will attend the event. Scheduled timeframes enable us to provide a safe, fun and efficient experience for everyone. Please check-in during your allotted time. In the event that you are selected to share one of your items on camera, your time commitment may extend beyond the initial time slot you were assigned.

Does my item need to be from Arkansas or a nearby region?
No. Although items with local connections are of particular interest, we welcome collectibles from anywhere in the world.

Can you evaluate my antique if I send a photograph and skip the event?
No. Only items that are brought to the studio (by a registered attendee) will receive an evaluation.

What constitutes a “collection”?
A collection is a group of closely related items. Registrants are allowed a maximum of 2 items; however, a collection may be considered a single item. For example, a baseball card collection or set of portraits by the same artist would be considered one item. Paintings by a variety of artists would be considered separate items. If the objects comprising your collection are bulky, please only bring a representative sampling of the collection – we have limited space.

What are the rules for Antique Firearms?
2023 ARPBS “Arkansas Treasures” Firearm Inspection Policy and Procedure