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Join Arkansas PBS for a free virtual event "American Portrait: Achieving Civil Discourse Through Storytelling" Wednesday, March 31st, at 6 p.m. The event will feature a screening and discussion led by Clarice and Kwami Abdul-Bey highlighting the role personal stories play in civil discourse. A distinguished panel of guests will convene to discuss strategies to address difficult topics through civil discourse by using storytelling.

American Portrait - Arkansas PBS

Register for the FREE screening and discussion here:


Clarice and Kwami Abdul-Bey - Arkansas Peace and Justice Memorial Movement.


Nicolas Cadena - StoryCorps
Hilary Trudell - The Yarn
*Jenifer Hixson -The Moth
*Glynn Washington - Snap Judgment
Ryan Norris - Americans for Prosperity
Amber Booth-McCoy - The Diversity Booth
Katie Zakrzewski - Braver Angels
Tom DeWolf - Coming To The Table

*Panelist is tentative and organization may be represented with an alternate guest.

This screening and discussion event is in partnership with KUAR 89.1 FM, Washitaw Foothills Youth Media Arts and Literacy Collective, and the Arkansas Peace and Justice Memorial Movement.

Production support has been provided by a grant from PBS and by viewers like you. 


  • Participants can be located ANYWHERE in the United States.
  • Stories, once uploaded, will live on the online story-telling platform.
  • Submissions might be included on other American Portrait platforms, including featured collections, on American Portrait or PBS social media, or for the documentary series slated to broadcast nationally on PBS in 2021.


  1. Visit PBS American Portrait.
  2. Choose one of the 16 prompts on the website and think of how you will answer it as it relates to you and you identity as part of the youth support community.
    1. "I was raised to believe...", "The tradition I carry on is...", "At this point in my life...", "I never expected...", "Now is the time...", "Family looks like...", "A day’s work is...", "My American story started when...", "What gets me out of bed in the morning is...", "I took a risk when...", "What keeps me up at night is...", "When I step outside my door...", "My greatest Challenge is...", "I took a risk when...", "Most days I feel...", "My Saturday night looks like...", "When this is over...", "The people I relate to are...", "My parent(s) wanted me to..."
  3. Create a 20-60 second self-recorded video answering the prompt. There’s no need to introduce yourself on video, simply start recording with your selected prompt and then get right into your answer. OR, submit a photo or just a plain text story!
  4. Upload to the website - this will require you to register your email. Feel free to check out the 60 second How-To-Upload Video
    NOTE: Do not email your video or send as an attachment. It must be uploaded to the platform (Chrome recommended over Safari). 
  5. You will receive a link to your story once you have uploaded it to the site. Feel free to share your story to your social media page(s) and nominate a friend or family member whose answer you’d like to see (related to your topic or another topic)!